Maj. Gen. Karol Molenda

Commander of the Cyberspace Defense Forces

A well-known and respected expert in the international community, specializing in building and implementing cutting-edge solutions in cyber security, computer incident response, computer forensics and ICT security. He supports scientific and research projects in the field of modern technologies and actively participates in building relations with allies and key partners on the international arena, including by using Polish intellectual potential during conferences, workshops and military exercises such as Locked Shields, Cyber Coalition, Baltic Ghost, Cyber Phalanx, TIDE Sprint, CWIX or NATO's largest programming competition TIDE Hackathon.

A man with a mission, a leading architect and implementer of the concept of forming Cyberspace Defense Forces, asking himself "When and how?" and never "If?". Demanding first and foremost of himself, relentless in building the security of Poland and Poles in cyberspace, Maj. Gen. Karol Molenda, as an astute observer of reality, constantly inspires DKWOC cadre and staff to implement creative initiatives and improve their own competence in cyber security, cryptology and IT.

An exceptional leader, under whose command the Cyber Defense Forces Component Command bearing the name of Jerzy Witold Rozycki - cultivates the legacy of the Cipher Bureau, where great Polish mathematicians and cryptologists worked to break the German cipher machine - ENIGMA. The center operates 24/7/365 to continuously monitor and respond to threats in cyberspace, educate the Polish public through information campaigns outlining best practices in conducting online operations, and build and develop its own cryptological tools.

An analytical mind who served in the Military Counterintelligence Service for 12 years. He was awarded, among other honors, The Army Commendation Medal by the U.S. Department of Defense for his dedication and out-of-the-box approach to cyber-intelligence operations.

Maj. Gen. Karol Molenda is an innovator whose contribution and dedication to building a secure cyberspace in Poland, strengthening defense through the creation of the Cyber Defense Forces and implementing out-of-the-box and modern solutions in the field of cybersecurity were awarded the Military Oscar or Buzdygan Award by the Chapter of the editorial board of "Polski Zbrojna" in 2020, and in September 2021. awarded with the European CYBERSEC Award, which was given during the 2nd edition of the CYBERSEC CEE REGIONS&CITIES conference.

Maj. Gen. Karol Molenda is a graduate of the Military University of Technology (with an engineering master's degree from the Department of Electronics and a postgraduate MBA from the Department of Cybernetics in the field of cyber security) and the School of Management.

Since February 2019, he has also served as Plenipotentiary of the Minister of Defense for the establishment of Cyber Defense Forces, which are expected to reach full combat capability by the end of 2024.

Privately, he is passionate about horseback riding and an avid runner.


10 October 2023 / 09:40 - 11:00 / Scene - Main

Civil-Military Cooperation. How to Reconcile Cybersecurity with Business?