October 2, 2024
Time left until the 5th edition:

The CYBER24 DAY conference, organized by the Defence24 Group, has become a permanent fixture on the schedule of the most important events in the cyber security industry. Discussions, debates, behind-the-scenes talks on digital security, digitization and new technologies will be held for the fifth time.

On October 2nd, 2024, representatives of the government, administration, military personnel, civilian experts, scientists and media representatives will be present at the Marriott Hotel to lean on the most important issues and challenges of cyber security that Poland currently faces from the global perspective.

It has become a tradition that during CYBER24 DAY important decisions for Polish digitization are announced, strategic digital projects from the point of view of the state are discussed and the direction of public debate is shaped.

Polish and international guests will also Focus on the topics of cyber defense in civilian and military terms, issues of artificial intelligence, secure communications, the role of digital platforms in the modern world or future trends in cyber security.

Digital Future
Military Technologies
Digital Sovereignty
Artificial Intelligence
Digital Economy
The Future is Data
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