Łukasz Matysiak


Liaison Officer - J-CAT Representative Central Cybercrime Bureau Poland
For 15 years, I have been a Police Officer of the Criminal Division, with many years of experience in combating cybercrime.
Over the years, I have conducted advanced forms of operational work covering such issues as: ransomware attacks, breaking in to IT security systems, spoofing, phishing, and Internet fraud. I have been analysing the flow and secured funds from criminal activity accumulated in cryptocurrencies. In addition, I was carrying out OSINT investigations and computer forensics activities.
Currently, an officer of the Central Cybercrime Bureau, carrying out duties as a liaison officer in the structures - J-CAT at Europol.
Within the framework of the current position, I am making every effort to optimize the flow of information and coordinate activities in the field of combating cybercrime between the Central Cybercrime Bureau and other Law Enforcement Agencies from around the world.
I have been appointed as a consultant in European projects in the field of Cybersecurity and combating Cybercrime, including such initiatives as: Tools4LEA, Anita, Cyclopes, Lion DC.


10 October 2023 / 16:00 - 17:00 / Scene - Grand Ballroom

Cybercrime in Legal Terms. How to Effectively Prosecute Fraudsters?