Kamil Basaj

INFO OPS Polska Foundation

Kamil Basaj is the founder and president of the INFO OPS Poland Foundation. He leads the work of the ZBPI information environment incident response teams. Creator of information environment security processes. Professionally associated with the Cyber Defense Forces Component Command and the Government Security Center. Served as Advisor to the Minister of National Defense. Member of the advisory team of the Senate of the Republic of Poland on consultation of information environment manipulation processes. Consultant of research and scientific projects on the phenomena of information impact, psychological impact, information environment security, decision-making process security. Lecturer of the Expert Cyber Security Training Center. Conducts lectures and workshops on information and psychological operations at universities and state administrations. Conducts information warfare training for teams with non-kinetic operations capabilities. Conducts research on cognitive processes, including models of obtuse control. Originator and coordinator of the first INFO OPS EXE™ information environment security exercises in Poland covering active and passive reconnaissance capabilities, active defense, information operations, psychological operations including protection of the decision-making process in the virtual, physical and cognitive dimensions. Founder of the project promoting knowledge of the phenomena of manipulation of the information environment Disinfo Digest. He is one of the originators and initiators of the establishment of CYBEROT, CYBERON, Disinfo Digest organizations conducting activities for the security of the information environment. He is a speaker at national and international conferences on information and cognitive environment security.


10 October 2023 / 14:45 - 15:45 / Scene - Kometa

The War for Minds: Disinformation and Propaganda. How to Protect Yourself?