Gen. Adam Cieślak

Commander-in-Chief of Central Cybercrime Bureau

Born in 1975. Has served in the Police since 1995. A graduate of the Police Academy in Szczytno and the University
of Wrocław.
He joined the Polish police on September 20th, 1995. In the first years of service, he was associated
with the prevention and criminal services in Pruszków, carrying out tasks in managerial positions.
From 2000 he served in the Investigation Department of Regional Police HQ in Pruszków and also
in Investigation Section in this Police unit.
From 2004 he served in the Central Bureau of Investigation of the Polish Police and from 2016 he was appointed as the Deputy Commander-In-Chief of the Central Bureau of Investigation of Polish Police.
In 2021 he was the Plenipotentiary of the Commander-In-Chief of the Polish Police to prepare organizational and legal solutions related to establish Central Cybercrime Bureau.
On May 1st, 2022, he was appointed the Commander-In-Chief of Central Cybercrime Bureau by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration.


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Cybersecurity: Redefining Threats