Brig. Gen. Mariusz Chmielewski

Deputy Commander of the Cyberspace Defence Forces

Brig. Gen. Dr. Eng. Mariusz Chmielewski serves as Deputy Commander of the Cyber Defense Forces Component. Previously, he served as Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Cybernetics of the WAT, supporting the creation of education and research directions in the field of cyber security and information technology in the national defense ministry.

In 2003, as a primate of the WAT, he began research and education in the field of command support, computer simulation and application of artificial intelligence methods at the Faculty of Cybernetics of the WAT. In 2012, he defended with distinction his doctoral thesis on the application of artificial intelligence methods and semantics analysis in the identification of emergency situations.

He is the recipient of many prestigious awards given for scientific and inventive achievements internationally in the fields of biomedicine and command support. He has been a technology and scientific mentor to many teams of RON employees and students in ImagineCup, Cyber 9/12 technology competitions and hackathons. Since 2018, he has been a representative of the Polish Ministry of Defense at the European Defense Agency as CAPTECH of the Modelling & Simulation working group.


10 October 2023 / 11:30 - 12:45 / Scene - Kometa

Artificial Intelligence as a Target of Attacks and a Tool in Cybersecurity