Aleksander Arabadźić

Academy of European Careers

Aleksander Arabadźić is the President and co-creator of the Academy of European Careers. The Academy as a project was initiated at the Warsaw School of Economics, where the knowledge of academic experts and practitioners working for Poland and Polish businesses are synergized in one goal. The Academy was also one of the initiators of the Polish Digital Sovereignty Charter and the Smart Youth Future Education initiative. A graduate of the University of Warsaw and a specialist in international affairs in the field of Communication and Public Affairs. Aleksander holds an Executive MBA in business and security management from the Academy of Social Sciences in Łódź.

Professionally, he deals with Business & Science relations, cooperation with local governments in the field of European policies, as well as Polish and the European Union energy security. From 2022, Policy Advisor at Sygnis S.A. – a leading company in the Deep Tech sector in the field of international cooperation, security and Poland-Ukraine relations. Moreover, in his spare time, he also promotes the ideas of Smart Cities, Circular Economy and Sustainable Transport.


10 October 2023 / 13:00 - 14:00 / Scene - Syrena-Wawel

Big Tech. Freedom of Speech and Digital Awareness